Adapting applications and sites for right-to-left (RTL) languages is an issue encountered by developers working on many products under development and being introduced onto new markets. There was a point when we at Bumble — the parent company operating Badoo and Bumble apps — also found ourselves in this situation, since our applications have so far been translated into about 50 languages and dialects. There are plenty of articles that cover this problem and explain types of characters, CSS-mirroring principles and importance of the “dir” attribute (see some links in the end), but they mostly relate to static content. …

The front of the front end is powerful and these days developers can do things that couldn’t be imagined a couple of years ago. Or could be? I remember times when CSS was very limited but one way or another a lot could be achieved. And I have a feeling that in reality imagination is the limitation part, not the technology. And having fun is an integral part of the process.

While browsing through different articles sometimes I meet those that I would call ‘crazy’. Those where developers try something just because it’s fun. …

Mitya Kuznetsov

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